Our locations carry over 20 strains of premium, high quality, tested flower from trusted vendors. All of our flower is pre-packaged to make sure only the best buds go to our customers.


We carry all forms of concentrates that you might be looking for. We have vape carts, badders, budders, sugars, sauces, shatters, crumbles and oils.


From baked goods to gummies we have the edibles that will provide you the relief you need and they taste delicious.


An original form for taking cannabis, tinctures provide quick relief and are discreet. We carry a variety of tinctures including THC, CBD, and combination of both.


Providing localized relief, topicals are great for pain management. We carry lotions, sprays, balms, salves, and patches.

High Society CBD Oil Dispensary


If you are looking for relief without the psychoactive effects, we have a CBD product for you. We carry many forms of CBD product, from vapes and flower to lotions and edibles.