Frequently Asked Questions

How is marijuana used?

Recreational marijuana can be ingested in many ways, including smoking, vaping, topicals, edibles, capsules, plus others. Each method has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, our cannabis consultants can inform you and answer any questions you have.

I’ve never been to a provisioning center before. How does the process work?

High Society offers provisioning centers that allow both medical patients and recreational users to receive their product in a welcoming environment with help from an expert team of professionals. Please refer to our Locations page to see if your location offers medical or recreational products.

For those visiting one of our facilities, a valid state-issued ID must be presented upon arrival. If you are medical patient or caregiver please present your valid state-issued medical marijuana card along with your valid state-issued ID. If you are a medical patient shopping at one of our recreational locations, present your Medical card for 10% off.

Once inside, patients are greeted by one of our many qualified cannabis consultants who are trained to listen to your individual needs so you can take home the products that will deliver exactly the experience you’re looking for.

What payment types do you accept?

We can only accept cash at our locations. We have ATMs onsite for your convenience.

How will I know which products to buy?

Our expert cannabis consultants will help you choose the best strain to meet your unique cannabis needs and desires to ensure you always have a comfortable, elevated experience.

As mentioned, there are many ways to ingest marijuana, as well as different types of marijuana to choose from. Terpenes and cannabinoids play a large role in how cannabis affects us and our cannabis consultants will help you choose the best products to meet your unique needs and desires.

What should I bring to High Society?

Medical Patients: Please bring your medical card and a valid state-issued ID card.

Cannabis 101

Cannabis is an amazing plant and provides a variety of uses. While so much is left to be discovered and learned about the power of the plant, we wanted to share some knowledge with you that can help you experience your journey to the fullest.  Here we will take a look at a variety of consumption methods as well as some popular terpene profiles and the cannabinoids of in the plant.


Terpenes are what gives cannabis plants their unique variety of smells but also serve as the plant’s natural defense mechanisms against pests and mold. Terpenes are a major component of essential oils and aromatherapy. We have included some of the most popular terpenes found in cannabis below. Most strains will have a variety of terpenes in them, which affects the flavors profiles you taste and feeling you get from them.


The active chemicals in marijuana are similar to chemicals the body makes that are involved in appetite, memory, movement, and pain. Research suggests cannabinoids might reduce anxiety, inflammation and relieve pain.

Learn More About Terpenes

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